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Friday, April 18, 2014

Lead Generation: Customers are looking for a solution to their problems

Tweet At MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013, Jon Ciampi, Vice President of Marketing, Corporate Development, Business and Strategic Accounts, CRC Health, recounted his challenges with PPC ads and how using A/B split testing helped him better understand his customers and use his marketing budget more effectively. Jon and the team went through the arduous process of purging a majority of the 3,000 keywords the company was bidding on in an effort to optimize the PPC campaign for one of its rehab facilities. “[Customers] are not looking for a value proposition,” he said. Rather, he continued, they were looking for a …continue reading

Are You an Extreme Learner?

While learning by example included my most recent thoughts on the topic, I have written about learning at this site extensively. From learning to learn, not a play on words, to one of my older posts and still very much current topic of learning from customers and then recognizing customer learning curve and making it easy for them to complete tasks online.   Learning on demand via John Seely Brown, getting in the learning zone vs. our comfort zone, to how marketers selective learning has become consumers selective hearing in an age of product and service abundance. The importance of learning …continue reading

Lead Generation: Great results don’t always have to be complicated

Tweet To discover what works best for generating leads in your organization, at some point, you eventually have to do two things: Wade through enough trial and error until success is the only destination left Keep the process as simple as possible on that journey to reach success For Shawn Burns, Global Vice President of Digital Marketing, SAP, keeping the company’s testing simple was instrumental in helping SAP reach some of its goals of maximizing the ROI on existing marketing. “We can complicate everything,” Shawn explained, “and when you’re in a testing environment and you start to think about navigation, templates, …continue reading

Writing About Tech Is Amazing …If You Love Tech

There’s an unfortunate story sharing the “confessions” of a tech journalist here. Except none of these are “confessions,” as in the kind everyone on both sides of the table (PR people and media pros) doesn’t already know about. Not. A. Single. One. The only one who didn’t know it, unfortunately, was the writer. The above image from Arrested Development (or video here) basically describes what happened. Let’s go through just a brief summary of the complaints, although do read her story linked above first. She complains about the 24-hour news cycle and need to always be on / write 5 …continue reading

Online Testing: 5 steps to launching tests and being your own teacher

Tweet Testing is the marketer’s ultimate tool. It allows us to not just guess what coulda, woulda, shoulda worked, but to know what actually works. But more than that, it gives us the power to choose what we want to know about our customers. “As a tester, you get to be your own teacher, if you will, and pick tests that make you want to learn. And structure tests that give you the knowledge you’re trying to gain,” said Benjamin Filip, Senior Manager of Data Sciences, MECLABS. So what steps do we take if we want to be our own …continue reading

How One Father Used a Social Army to Find his Son

Tweetable Moments It really was people. It was that viral. bringjerryhomeTweet This Trial by Fire Bob Pfeifer used social media to bring his son home. Bob’s son, Jerry, went to Central Europe with his mother and half-brother in 2012. When he didn’t return from the trip, Bob used social media to make contacts across the world so he could find his son. In December 2013, Bob and Jerry were finally reunited. At first, Bob didn’t know much about social media. He created a Facebook page and shared it with his friends, hoping more eyes would see it that way. He …continue reading

Call-to-Action Button Copy: How to reduce clickthrough rate by 26%

Tweet “Start Free Trial” | “Get Started Now” | “Try Now” One of the above phrases reduced clickthrough rate by 26%.   DON’T SCROLL DOWN JUST YET Take a look at those three phrases. Try to guess which phrase underperformed and why. Write it down. Heck, force yourself to tell a colleague so you’ve really got some skin in the game. Then, read the rest of today’s MarketingExperiments Blog post to see which call-to-action button copy reduced clickthrough, and how you can use split testing to avoid having to blindly guess about your own button copy.   How much does …continue reading

The Next Web: Are we Talking About “me” yet?

I was wrong, Web 3.0 or the semantic Web is not heralding a new era of people-centric conversation — in some cases almost the opposite. People are almost used as pawn in a click, share, and spread game. So much thought is put into the activation part and so little, still, in the building value part. Hence why the constant migration from one set of social technologies to another. Where we are vs where I thought we would be The view from 2007 was that Artificial Intelligence Agents would be Conversation Agents. While technically there is such nomenclature, there are …continue reading

Web Optimization: How to get your customers to say heck yes!

Tweet For e-commerce marketers, and many marketers with a subscription-based business, the value of the products they sell on the Internet is intangible when the purchase decision is made. So who better to gain some conversion optimization advice from than an A/B tester who specializes in nonprofit marketing, the industry that must communicate the most intangible value of all – goodwill. We brought Tim Kachuriak, Founder and Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer, Next After, into the studio and discussed: The power of the value proposition Creating a scarce resource Commitment building The value proposition train I’ve known Tim for several …continue reading

Web Optimization: Traffic without conversion doesn’t matter

Tweet At Web Optimization Summit 2014 in New York City, Michael Aagaard, Founder,, will present, “How, When and Why Minor Changes Have a Major Impact on Conversions,” based on four years of research and dozens of case studies. To provide you with a few quick test ideas, we reached across the miles to Copenhagen, Denmark, and interviewed Michael from our studios here in Jacksonville, Fla. In this video interview, Michael discussed: Why he’s so passionate about conversion optimization (and why you should be, too) A pop-up test that generated 142% more newsletter signups The one-word change of call-to-action button …continue reading

Be a Part of Social Network

The way whole world is getting exaggerated cannot be questioned. The population explosion has been the main reason that people are getting settled in different regions around the world. The instances can be taken from our lives as well when we get separated from our near and dear ones and it happens just due to our endeavor of finding good avenues of life. Earning money and making a good future might cost so many things but the biggest cost that one has to bear is that they have to make it at the cost of their kith and kin. Sometimes it is seen that parents have to send their wishes to their child by mail.

In order to escape from the above mentioned situations, social networking is providing a helping hand. One usually comes up with queries as what is the need for social networking when personal and face to face can be there. But this can be answered by taking the support of the situations when time and distance play important roles and such kind of communication is not possible. Thus, to make sure that links are maintained and no time and distance are the cause of the weakness among relations, social networking is establishing its spheres. It has been mushrooming at a very fast pace and every individual is getting into touch with it in order to be in the touch with their near and dear ones.

Social networking has been an integral part of every individual as no one can imagine their life without it. Apart from that, there are so many facilities that are being provided by it that people simply become use to it and then grab an efficiency into it. Facebook, Orkut, Watt app and so on are the names that are preferred while talking about social networking. People who get registered on them get to know about those varied features that all these sites have. The only promise that they offer is to maintain a cordial relation with those who are sitting at a far off place from you. These sites help to share pictures, videos as well as applications so that a good intimacy can be there and every new thing can be shared. Nowadays, wishing someone on their special day at some far off place is not a difficult task. Even people have developed such a network that the whole word seems like a global village where we can communicate to anyone as per our desire. THis is especially true of workplace social activity - many employees would rather use their own devices than have devices given them to them, this idea known as 'BYOD' or 'bring your own device solutions' is a very different way of working.

Social networking comes up with many advantages as it is the base pillar that is bridging the gap between people who are away. The provision of video chatting has made the concept easier. The usage of these sites is very easy that even a layman can get to use them and earn a proficiency in them. Social networking is so user friendly that people can easily become their part and then they can take part in the process of getting linked with the rest of the world. Its sharing capacity has made the things attractive as people love to share with those who are very important to them.