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Friday, October 31, 2014

Digital is Just a Means to Reach People…It’s How and Why You Use It That Matters

Splendida Notizia! #WTF is going on in Italy? The future of business is turning a new page…that’s what. I’m excited to announce that What’s the Future of Business: Changing the way businesses create experiences is now available in Italy. To celebrate the launch, I spent some time with Luca Conti, new media strategist, Italian blogger, journalist, and author of several books on social media. In our discussion, we explored the future of business and why the time is now for leadership to rise from the middle. I wanted to share this discussion with you here… If in Doubt…Begin What would …continue reading

Getting Digital Right Impacts Business Performance

Starting with gaining a company-wide understanding of how the entire business benefits from digital. Last year, a McKinsey report outlined how digital transformation drives business value by enhancing connectivity, automating manual tasks, helping improve decision making, and supporting product / service innovation. The increased involvement of C-level executives# in both supporting and sponsoring digital business initiatives underscores the importance of getting it right to corporate performance. Having a digital vision and executive sponsorship are a good starting point;  organizational alignment, followed closely by business processes and actual implementation are critical to making it work. With more than 1,000 selections just …continue reading

Complaining About Cell Phone Usage Makes You Sound Ridiculous

We live in a world more open and connected than ever before. People globally have conversations with others in their field or with those who share their passion, hobby or art with ease. Collaboration on projects and ideas of all types is happening at an unprecedented scale. Communication among smart, active people has never been better. But don’t tell that to some people nostalgic for a past that never actually existed, who seem to ignore all the barriers technology has broken down in communications and connection. What am I talking about? The anti-technology or altogether unhappy individuals who believe mobile devices are …continue reading

End of Apps, Side Projects, and Opportunity

Making Sense: The End Of Apps As We Know Them. Paul Adams: [via] One final step further. What if the cards came from other things? Like vending machines that you walk up to and pay through the card? Hotels you walk into and order your breakfast or pay for the wifi? The ramifications for websites might also be huge. If a publishing company, for example the New York Times, can push content to cards, and those cards can be seen in many different third party places (with revenue sharing agreements) why bother having a website at all? It’s just a …continue reading

Only companies with impeccable customer service will survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Guest Post by Peter Shankman, Author of Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans Imagine a world where decisions aren’t made based on anonymous reviews with no validation on sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor, but rather, through trusted sources in your own network. Imagine that world is automatic – If you want to take a vacation in Fiji, you don’t have to ask which of your friends have gone, you simply start searching for Fiji – on any network, on any of the major “social” sites, and the posts, photos, videos, and comments of your friends who’ve visited …continue reading

Gawker Story Bashing Stubble Flies In The Face Of Actual Data

Gawker decided to troll the Internet with a story bashing guys who maintain short facial hair (aka stubble). The diatribe is a 100% subjective, if not impassioned plea for men everywhere to not maintain stubble. I’ll quote just a quick bit from the article that gets at the heart of his argument. And by argument – isn’t actually an argument, it’s some random guy’s opinion (emphasis mine): Men’s facial hair can take three basic forms. You can be clean shaven. That’s fine. You can have stubble, meaning you haven’t shaven for a little while and a little bit of visible hair is …continue reading

We need new news

I’m going to start with a confession. Until just over a year ago, I wasn’t interested in ‘the news’. I may now be the co-founder and editor-in-chief of a news company, but I’m pretty new to the news thing. Read more on We need new news… The Wall Blog

Landing Page Optimization: Leveraging perception to tip the value scale (Part 1)

Tweet In an experiment with a B2B company, we split tested two landing pages against each other. Let me give you a brief background on the test, and then, I invite you to guess which landing page produced the most leads.   Background This B2B company wanted to promote one of its thermal imaging cameras by creating a downloadable guide where people can enter personal information on a landing page registration form and then get access to a product guide download that will help them choose which thermal imaging camera to purchase. Which landing page do you think generated the …continue reading

Perception vs Reality in the Eyes of a Decision Maker

Tweet Every company struggles with finding ways to convey the value of their product or service in an impactful way. The reasons for subpar value proposition can range anywhere from the value of the product being presented in a convoluted or confusing way to not reaching the customer when they are motivated to buy. In some cases, the mindset or pre-existing biases can cloud the value proposition in a potential customer’s mind. The ability to overcome that destructive perception is key to guiding a potential customer through any sales funnel.   Clarity trumps persuasion — and a wrong perception Anyone who …continue reading

Dear McDonald’s: No One Wants To See How The Sausage Is Made

I’ve written up brilliant strategic plays by McDonald’s in the past. But I’ve also shared that they’re completely and totally misguided in their recent tactic of showing “how the sausage is made” and how their “food” is created in a laboratory / factory. The previous example was the gag-worthy chicken goop. The latest was one I stumbled upon was just released today. They’re apparently paying (ex) Mythbuster Grant Imahara as their new celebrity corporate shill, who goes inside of a McDonald’s beef supplier to show you how their hamburger patties are made. Here’s the video: Here’s the thing: as with the …continue reading

Be a Part of Social Network

The way whole world is getting exaggerated cannot be questioned. The population explosion has been the main reason that people are getting settled in different regions around the world. The instances can be taken from our lives as well when we get separated from our near and dear ones and it happens just due to our endeavor of finding good avenues of life. Earning money and making a good future might cost so many things but the biggest cost that one has to bear is that they have to make it at the cost of their kith and kin. Sometimes it is seen that parents have to send their wishes to their child by mail.

In order to escape from the above mentioned situations, social networking is providing a helping hand. One usually comes up with queries as what is the need for social networking when personal and face to face can be there. But this can be answered by taking the support of the situations when time and distance play important roles and such kind of communication is not possible. Thus, to make sure that links are maintained and no time and distance are the cause of the weakness among relations, social networking is establishing its spheres. It has been mushrooming at a very fast pace and every individual is getting into touch with it in order to be in the touch with their near and dear ones.

Social networking has been an integral part of every individual as no one can imagine their life without it as reported by a web design and development company in Birmingham, Kimberley Jane Design. Apart from that, there are so many facilities that are being provided by it that people simply become use to it and then grab an efficiency into it. Facebook, Orkut, Watt app and so on are the names that are preferred while talking about social networking. People who get registered on them get to know about those varied features that all these sites have. The only promise that they offer is to maintain a cordial relation with those who are sitting at a far off place from you. These sites help to share pictures, videos as well as applications so that a good intimacy can be there and every new thing can be shared. Nowadays, wishing someone on their special day at some far off place is not a difficult task. Even people have developed such a network that the whole word seems like a global village where we can communicate to anyone as per our desire. This is especially true of workplace social activity - many employees would rather use their own devices than have devices given them to them, this idea known as 'BYOD' or 'bring your own device solutions' is a very different way of working.

Social networking comes up with many advantages as it is the base pillar that is bridging the gap between people who are away. The provision of video chatting has made the concept easier. The usage of these sites is very easy that even a layman can get to use them and earn a proficiency in them. Social networking is so user friendly that people can easily become their part and then they can take part in the process of getting linked with the rest of the world. Its sharing capacity has made the things attractive as people love to share with those who are very important to them.