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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Intrinsic, Appropriate, Original

Making Sense: Intrinsic Marketers regularly use over 100 software programs. ChiefMartec: Most software programs we use are what I call ambient software — they’re either invisible or you don’t consciously think of them as software when you use them. [...] It’s the opposite of convergence into a handful of software providers. It’s ubiquity — we’re hurling towards a future where every company is a software company to some degree. A message from Tim Cook about Apple’s commitment to your privacy. Apple: A few years ago, users of Internet services began to realize that when an online service is free, you’re not the …continue reading

Search Marketing: How a simple copy change increased conversion 21%

Tweet Serving customers effectively starts with intelligence. It’s not the kind of intelligence needed to solve Sudoku puzzles or carry home a victory on trivia night, but rather it’s what you really know about your customers: What keeps them up at night? How could your product or service transform their careers? How could what you’re offering transform their businesses? Yes, to serve your customers effectively, you have to understand how your products or services are relevant enough to effectively relate to their needs. It’s also worth mentioning that PPC testing can help you build your customer theory, often on the …continue reading

What if Customers Were the Service?

Below is a post I wrote circa 2007 for where my contributor role was to write about customer conversation. In the early days of blogging we had quite the discussions in the comments section — an example of collaboration in thinking together about a topic. Collaboration is one of the three themes I will highlight in my bold talk at Inbound (tomorrow). Thanks to technology, marketing and business have become more complex. Complexity requires, actually demands, collaboration. Our skills and experience are not just additive when working together: they are exponential. Because in many instances what has the most …continue reading

Website Optimization: Testing your navigation

Tweet As we are testing our websites, we often focus on homepages, landing pages and funnels. These are the pages that “move the needle” and get results. However, there is one aspect of many sites that goes unnoticed by optimizers — the site navigation. Site navigation is important because it gets your visitors where they need to be. Also, it’s usually one of the static elements of your site. The navigation is visible on all of your pages and is often the one constant throughout the website. It simply makes sense to focus your efforts on such a high visibility …continue reading

Ecommerce: 2 tips I learned from a garage sale

Tweet My father passed away unexpectedly five months ago. As if that wasn’t enough of a tragedy, the situation left my mother and me in a position we never imagined being in — she could lose her home. Quickly, I set up a GoFundMe page to prevent this. Despite adversities and setbacks, my mother has a positive outlook and is moving forward. She decided to host a garage sale to help cover some costs. The first sale she held earned enough income to cover some costs and inspire hope. You may ask, “Why is this guy starting off his MarketingExperiments Blog …continue reading

Digital Transformation and the Race Against Digital Darwinism

Digital Darwinism is a fate that threatens most organizations in almost every industry. Because of this, businesses not only have to compete for today but also for the unforeseeable future. Digital Darwinism is the phenomenon when technology and society evolve faster than an organization can adapt. There are many reasons for this of course. Every fabric of a company is strained due to internal and external influences. The challenge lies amongst the very leaders running the show today. Their mission and the processes and systems they support today may already be working against them. Technology and its benefits are beyond …continue reading

CMW: Financial Services Industry Lab

Today I am leading and facilitating a conversation on content marketing strategy for the financal services industry at CMW2014. This is one of the industry labs the Content Marketing Insitute organized to follow its main event where I had the pleasure of introducing the content strategy track speakers. The flow for the day, after introductions will be participatory. In the late morning and again after lunch, attendees will collaborate on: Identifying a pilot program as a use case Building a full implementation plan that takes into account regulatory constraints and organizational structures My overview of Content Marketing will touch upon …continue reading

Ensuring an outdoor serving of meat and two veg

This post is provided by our partner MediaCo Outdoor. The CityLive Challenge is now in full swing. Two multi-disciplinary teams are pushing the creative and tech boundaries of what’s possible with digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), utilising our Manchester city centre screen network. Read more on Ensuring an outdoor serving of meat and two veg… The Wall Blog

Internet Slowdown Day for Net Neutrality

Today is the Internet Slowdown day. If you dread seeing the loading icons on Web sites, imagine how much you will dread your site functionality being reduced. Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson explains the implications to commerce in a post for Wired#: For years, cable and phone providers have lobbied for the right to charge companies a fee to reach users, creating fast lanes for those willing and able to pay, and slow lanes for the rest of us. Earlier this year, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler put out a proposal that would give these companies everything they asked for. And it …continue reading

Email Marketing: 3 resources to help you optimize your next campaign

Tweet Email by far remains the trusty pack mule for most marketers. This is understandable given the growth within this channel (thanks in part to mobile), which continues to produce a solid ROI. But, as they say, satisfaction is only the death of desire. There is always room for improvement. To save you from the pitfall of merely being satisfactory, here are three resources that will help you optimize your email marketing program and, hopefully, deliver a dynamic customer experience in your next send.   Watch: Subject Lines That Convert   In this Web clinic replay, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, …continue reading

Be a Part of Social Network

The way whole world is getting exaggerated cannot be questioned. The population explosion has been the main reason that people are getting settled in different regions around the world. The instances can be taken from our lives as well when we get separated from our near and dear ones and it happens just due to our endeavor of finding good avenues of life. Earning money and making a good future might cost so many things but the biggest cost that one has to bear is that they have to make it at the cost of their kith and kin. Sometimes it is seen that parents have to send their wishes to their child by mail.

In order to escape from the above mentioned situations, social networking is providing a helping hand. One usually comes up with queries as what is the need for social networking when personal and face to face can be there. But this can be answered by taking the support of the situations when time and distance play important roles and such kind of communication is not possible. Thus, to make sure that links are maintained and no time and distance are the cause of the weakness among relations, social networking is establishing its spheres. It has been mushrooming at a very fast pace and every individual is getting into touch with it in order to be in the touch with their near and dear ones.

Social networking has been an integral part of every individual as no one can imagine their life without it as reported by a web design and development company in Birmingham, Kimberley Jane Design. Apart from that, there are so many facilities that are being provided by it that people simply become use to it and then grab an efficiency into it. Facebook, Orkut, Watt app and so on are the names that are preferred while talking about social networking. People who get registered on them get to know about those varied features that all these sites have. The only promise that they offer is to maintain a cordial relation with those who are sitting at a far off place from you. These sites help to share pictures, videos as well as applications so that a good intimacy can be there and every new thing can be shared. Nowadays, wishing someone on their special day at some far off place is not a difficult task. Even people have developed such a network that the whole word seems like a global village where we can communicate to anyone as per our desire. This is especially true of workplace social activity - many employees would rather use their own devices than have devices given them to them, this idea known as 'BYOD' or 'bring your own device solutions' is a very different way of working.

Social networking comes up with many advantages as it is the base pillar that is bridging the gap between people who are away. The provision of video chatting has made the concept easier. The usage of these sites is very easy that even a layman can get to use them and earn a proficiency in them. Social networking is so user friendly that people can easily become their part and then they can take part in the process of getting linked with the rest of the world. Its sharing capacity has made the things attractive as people love to share with those who are very important to them.